Jamie Bachman, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Couples Counseling

Couples come to counseling feeling stuck in long-term dynamics.  Many couples find themselves uncertain how to reconnect with each other. 

When we're stuck in these patterns with our partners, it can be really helpful to have a guide, someone outside the relationship who can see the dynamics more clearly and can help loosen areas that have become rigid.  Through couples counseling, I can help.

Love is not what we're told it is. Common myths about love make relationships much harder to maintain.  When we start to feel uncomfortable with our partner, when we feel that they don't understand us or that we can't understand them, the idea of the "one true love" or "soul mate" leads us to think that it's not supposed to be this way. 

We are inclined to believe that these feelings are a sign that this is not the right person for us. But the truth is that we can be strengthened by the differences between ourselves and our partner, if we know how to navigate them. 

Couples counseling can offer you the tools you need to make your relationship a source of growth, joy and strength. 

Please contact me (at 510.470.0562 or email jamiebachmanlcsw@gmail.com) if you are interested in exploring what couples counseling can do for you and your partner. 

I know that It can be scary to reach out for help when your relationship is not going the way you'd like it to go.  Many people fear that if they go to couples counseling, they will feel blamed for what is not working in the relationship.  But this is not how I work.  I see it as my job to understand the perspective of each person, and to help the couple build or rebuild a relationship that satisfies each of you.

I work with all kinds of couples.  However, given some of the specific challenges faced by LGBT couples and polyamorous relationship systems, I  am particularly committed to preserving, maintaining and strengthening these relationships.

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